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My Thoughts on The Day of the Doctor


Ah, Ah, Ah… Spoilers

So we knew going into the episode that John Hurt definitely followed Paul McGann as The Doctor. John Hurt himself made this a public declaration months ago but because it appeared in The Sun nobody really believed him. But then the mini episode released a couple of weeks ago (called The Night of the Doctor) confirmed this. What his “crime” was that led to Smith condemning him in The Name of the Doctor was not stated specifically but was pretty obvious. Continue reading


No doubt not a single one of you has forgotten about tonight. Here is a reminder of what happened way, way back in the spring.

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The Enigma That is Clara Oswin Oswald

This is the first of just two articles that I wrote for Doctor Who Land that disappeared a few days ago without any communication from the site admin. The information is still relevant as it was written in light of the information at the end of The Name of the Doctor. Oh and for you lovely people, it is also longer than the original piece. Enjoy!


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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special – What We Know

Just less than six months away, the episode or episodes that will mark 50 years of the UK’s favourite science fiction show is marked in furious debate, lots of speculation and an unending amount of excitement from fans young and old alike.

Due to an administrative blunder by BBC America, viewers in the USA who pre-ordered their DVDs had them early so were able to see this season’s finale The Name of the Doctor before it aired on either side of the Atlantic. As a reward for not revealing any spoilers, the crew released this “Behind the Scenes” footage. Continue reading

Hide – Episode Review & Analysis


Ah, Ah, Ah… Spoilers

It is a dark and stormy night (a cliche already, hmmm). A young woman and Dougray Scott are setting up some equipment in a large and forbidding house. Thankfully no sign of Yvette Fielding or Derek Acorah just yet and this couple turn out to be far less annoying. Anyway… her ethereal style marks her immediately as a psychic and his glasses mark him as the generic “scientist”. He fiddles around with some equipment. Oooh, it is the 1970s. In the likeness of Most Haunted they try to communicate with “the spirit that occupies this place”. There’s some interference and we see a ghostly image proceeding down the corridor.

A ghostly knock at the door, Crooked House style… but it is The Doctor and Clara who introduce themselves as The Ghostbusters. Continue reading