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Creating Chemistry Between Characters Part 2

Now that I have firmly established the growing rapport and conflicts between my gladiators, it is time to look a little more in depth at the developing relationships between the men. The six of them are going on a very long trip so naturally, as with any “enclosed” space (because you don’t need a cabin to experience cabin fever) there will be the all too familiar pattern of the foundation of alliances… and conflicts. Continue reading

Creating Chemistry Between Characters

I had a very productive weekend fiction-writing wise! I’ve made a good start on my gladiators vs aliens novel and I really like what I’ve written so far. It’s a long time since I’ve felt so buoyed up by creating something new. Usually I allow myself to get bogged down in detail and planning and I forget to just “go with it”. Friday and Saturday I worked on introducing our protagonists – introducing their lives and developing their characters as individuals. Continue reading

Character Feature: Gene Hunt

Welcome to the first edition of a new feature for this blog where I focus on my favourite characters and discuss why I feel they are incredible creations.

Warning: There may be spoilers in the following article

Gene: “They reckon you’ve got concussion but I couldn’t give a tart’s furry cup if half your brains are falling out… don’t ever waltz into my kingdom acting king of the jungle.”

Sam: “Who the hell are you?”

Gene: “Gene Hunt – your DCI and it’s 1973. Almost dinner time. I’m having hoops!”

Sam Tyler and Alex Drake may have been the stars of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes respectively but it was their DCI Gene Hunt that stole both shows. In a television world saturated with crime dramas and the modern police methods of forensic science, interview techniques and psychological profiling, he is a throwback to another time. Continue reading

25 Reasons I Hate You!

No that isn’t you my readers and subscribers, I am forever grateful for your input here and will continue to be so. No, this is an amusing and informative polemic against poorly written or developing primary characters. See the link here.

I really like this list, it is an honest article from the position of a reader. Looking through, it is remarkable how often even the biggest selling books are guilty of making these mistakes, sometimes many in the same character. I need to be cosnscious of avoiding these in my own writing. So far I haven’t been great at creating heroes. Continue reading