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Thoughts on “An Adventure in Space and Time”


A television documentary about making a television programme? If it were any other show but the icons of Doctor Who, Star Trek and perhaps Dallas there wouldn’t be much interest. Arguably, this is the second largest TV event of the year – the docudrama about the birth of Doctor Who
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Doctor Who’s Scariest Episodes

Don’t look away and DON’T BLINK!

What Culture has listed its twelve scariest episodes of Doctor Who. Unsurprisingly, it lists the first appearance of the weeping angels – Blink – as the scariest episode ever in a list that is totally bereft of the classic series. Some of these terrified me as a kid (as with most children) so I’m proposing my alternative scary stories with one condition – classic series only. In no particular order then…
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Asylum of the Daleks – episode review & analysis


Ah, ah, ah… SPOILERS: Episode Summary

The Doctor has received a message from a mysterious redhead with a quasi-Australian and Eastern European accent. She claims to have a daughter who is the prisoner of the Daleks but promptly teleports him, then Amy and finally Rory (whose marriage is now on the rocks) onto a ship full of the tin dictators. We see a mix of the iDaleks and the brass coloured clan in a giant chamber and far from wanting to kill the trio, they ask for The Doctor’s assistance.

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Doctor Who returns tonight


And I can’t wait. The season opener is tonight at 7.20pm UK time and it will open simultaneously on three continents. Despite the shortened season, the BBC are going all out to grab the attention of a global audience. It will also shift away from the big story arcs that has so far come to mark Steven Moffat’s reign as Producer. He has had much bigger and bolder ideas about the direction of the show since taking the helm from Russell T Davis.

“In an era when television is constantly accused of dumbing down, why is it wrong for us to clever up?”

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