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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special - What We Know

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Just less than six months away, the episode or episodes that will mark 50 years of the UK's favourite science fiction show is marked in furious debate, lots of speculation and an unending amount of excitement from fans young and old alike.

Due to an administrative blunder by BBC America, viewers in the USA who pre-ordered their DVDs had them early so were able to see this season's finale…

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In view of the trailers released in the last couple of days I am re-blogging this as a reminder of what we know and what we think we know.

Doctor Who Land has a new website

The Doctor Who fansite I write for has a new link, please ignore the previous article as it is no longer active at that address. I have written two articles already, but so far only one has gone up.

New weblink is here: http://www.drwholand.net/

Power to the geeks!

Hey you there, yes you. The fan boy/girl stopping by this blog. No, don’t run away, this won’t hurt I promise. I just need to tell you something.

I guess you feel a little out of place being a geek, no? Well yes, granted since David Tennant became The Doctor it has become cool to be a geek but that doesn’t mean that the stigma has completely gone away. You still have the reputation of having no social skills, somebody who could put a computer back together with your eyes closed but at the same time you apparently don’t know how to boil an egg. But I want to explain something to you: be proud of your inner fandom. I’ve never been a Trekkie though I enjoyed the recent film. You might be though and that is okay, honest, because you are special. Read more of this post

Reclaiming the vampire in Fright Night

I went to the cinema to see the new Fright Night film this week. In a fiction world that is flooded with simpering emo vampires that don’t drink blood, sparkle in the sunlight and become stalker-ish over equally simpering teenage girls, it may be too easy to forget that vampires are menacing blood-sucking creatures, dangerous, calculating, manipulative predators and sometimes just plain evil.

The original Fright Night is a horror-comedy cult classic, arguably the best example of the bizarre fusing of two genres that shouldn’t work together. This reboot does the original proud. Colin Farrell is surprisingly menacing as Jerry in a role that is quite unlike anything he has done before. David Tennant, looking like Russell Brand but thankfully not playing camp, is amusing as Peter Vincent. Anton Yelchin, best known as Chekhov in the rebooted Star Trek is a good lead but suffers for being outplayed by everybody else. Even the typical fang-fodder bleach blond stripper is sympathetic. You feel for her when Charley discovers her locked away in Jerry’s house.

The cast gel well and the characters refreshingly normal for horror films, particularly the women. Imogen Poots is sweet and very likeable as Amy, Toni Collette is solid as Charlie’s mother and Sandra Vergara as Ginger (Peter’s girlfriend) has a small part but gets some of the best one-liners in the script. For a remake of a film that was arguably the first horror-comedy, it is surprisingly short of clich├ęs and that is to the credit of the production staff, particularly the script writers.

What are you waiting for?! Go and see it!


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