Open Thread: Deep Breath

The clock is striking twelve's

I enjoyed the review and analysis that I did before and I appreciated everyone’s feedback and discussion. However, it was the debate side of the threads that I enjoyed the most so from now on, I will merely offer some thoughts, pose some questions or throw a few ideas out there about each episode and let you do the analyses, tell me what you liked and didn’t like.

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Matt Smith’s Finest Doctor Who Episodes

It is around six weeks until Peter Capaldi’s inaugural episode as the 12th/14th Doctor. A few weeks ago, I listed my favourite individual Matt Smith moments. Here, I’m listing my five favourite episodes from his run 2010-2014. Some of these may surprise you, others may not. In no particular order then…

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“Who”se Voice Is That?

No Snippet Sunday today, I have just returned from a much-needed holiday to Devon with my lovely lady friend. The above trailer caught my eye though… and specifically, the voiceover. Continue reading

Set Your Calendars… This One’s Going to be a Whopper!

So we have an official Doctor Who date: 23rd August and the above is the first official teaser trailer. That’s some 8-9 weeks away and I’m sure as the date gets closer, we’ll be bombarded with all sorts of stuff including episode clips. I can’t wait! Continue reading

Matt Smith’s Finest Doctor Who Moments

Goodbye to the bow tie

We are just a couple of short months away from the inaugural episode of Peter Capaldi’s 12th/14th Doctor and all the excitement that comes with regeneration. It has now been six months since Matt Smith gave up the Old Blue Box for good and it is time I talked about what for me are his 5 finest moments (and later 5 favourite episodes) which makes him my second favourite Doctor behind the legend that is Tom Baker.

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The Suit Maketh… The Doctor?

The tinterwebs are all abuzz with the revelation that came yesterday – Peter Capaldi’s outfit for his inaugural first season as the iconic Timelord. The BBC Magazine pounced with several interesting interpretations. Of particular note was the red lining of his jacket, and the Doc Martens.
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Episode Review & Analysis – The Time of The Doctor

Ah, ah ah… spoilers

An unimportant planet is sending out a signal that nobody can translate and it attracts practically every race we’ve seen in the Whoniverse. On board one of those orbiting ships, he is holding the eye of a Dalek and demanding that the species identify itself. But it is a Dalek ship! He escapes and in the next scene he is chastising a Cyberman head who defends himself with a “you didn’t specify where”. This head he has affectionately called “Handles”.
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“Eleven’s hour is over now. The clock is striking Twelve’s”

First, let me wish you a very Merry Christmas! No doubt you are all making your final preparations for tomorrow. While you do, let me remind you of tomorrow’s biggest television event. No… not Eastenders!

EDIT: This post is getting a lot of hits. If you are looking for an episode review & analysis of The Time of the The Doctor, please CLICK HERE

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No doubt not a single one of you has forgotten about tonight. Here is a reminder of what happened way, way back in the spring.

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