Content Site Jobs – The Tricks They Try

Though a lot of fellow Freelance writers are disparaging of content site such as eLance and ODesk, I am a firm advocate of these types of site for those of us wanting to break into freelance writing as a first or a second job. While it is true that a lot of the work is of abysmally low pay, it is often the first and only place inexperienced and eager new freelancers (such as myself) can find the sort of work they are looking for. It is not true that all the work is of ridiculously low pay, certainly you will find those not willing to pay more than $1 per hours but you are not obliged to apply and if you are offered it, as insulted as you might feel, you are not obliged to accept. Continue reading

Competition Time!

Yes, I’m full of competitions at the moment as I am keen to get myself out there and established as a writer.

One of the job boards I look at regularly, though not that often because it usually just links to other sites that have jobs listed, is I’ve found it a useful general resource so far and have used the site for some advice.

At the weekend though, I discovered the Writing Contests section of the site. A lot of these have entrance fees (expressed in US dollars) but there are many.

Another competition resource for you anyway and it is now free (unlike Duotrope which this year has started to charge for its services).

Book Review: Write Copy, Make Money by Andy Maslen

Andy Maslen is the name in copywriting and is a must-read for anybody thinking of, or, just starting out on the road to writing for a living. It was recommended to me by another freelance writer way back in February when we were discussing my plans to leave work and give it a shot at being a freelance writer. I’ve been copywriting since the end of last year and though I’d heard of Maslen and Sunfish and seen his books, I hadn’t thought about investing in some of his work to help me on this precarious road.

Let me make one thing clear: it is not going to teach you the tricks on how to become a copywriter, there are no instructions on the proper placement of SEO terms or even how to become a good writer, it is purely about the business of setting up as a freelance copywriter. So here you will find instruction on the mechanics of business, your working day, taxes, writing and pitching, not on how to write that perfect headline. Continue reading

Does anybody have experience of the above freelance website? I was sent the link by a wonderfully helpful internet friend of mine a few weeks ago but have really only just got around to signing up for it. After extensive research this afternoon I am satisfied that it is legitimate and there is a very real chance of obtaining work doing academic write-ups. Continue reading

Domains and Business Cards

I’ve quibbled over the expense for a few weeks about registering Sweat, Tears and Digital Ink as a domain name on WordPress and decided that as it only costs $26US per year, that it was a small price to pay for a more professional looking (and shorter) web address. You may notice it now omits the .wordpress element. The new domain also fits better on the new business card: Continue reading

The unethical side of freelance writing

I’ve received my first formal approach to do something I had already decided I would never do. I’m sure that businesses providing such services will and do pay handsomely for it but I have a major ethical problem with putting my academic and creative writing talents to such projects. To research and write essays for students is, for me, the most unethical aspect of being a freelance writer and I refuse to do it and will continue to do so.

I worked hard for my academic achievements, earning a 2.1 at Bachelor’s level with a 1st class dissertation (probably my proudest life achievement to date) and a Master’s Degree from the same Russell Group university and it irks me no end that there are people out there at top universities who who are either not willing to put in the effort or do not have the capability to be there in the first place. Continue reading

The Perils of Freelancing

I’m not under any illusion that the next few months, or even for that matter the next few years, will be a breeze where I achieve riches and glory beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve already spent a number of weeks researching the sort of problems that freelancers can expect to come up against. I also understand the potential personal rewards that others feel at the sense of working from home and being your own boss.

Motivation is not a problem for me. I have up full-time work in 2009 to re-enter full-time education. I achieved a BA and then an MA at a top university and achieved a first-class mark for my undergraduate dissertation. It was after this that I got back into writing, but mostly fiction and within a year I started this blog. Now that I have the experience and confidence to go the extra mile I feel ready to give this my best shot. Continue reading

One Big Step…

Most of you will know that for the last few months I’ve been moonlighting as a freelance writer, something I do in the evenings and at weekends. I have been writing guest blogs and SEO articles for about three months now and I’ve decided to take a very big plunge.

I’m leaving my current job to write full time. I have given this much thought and have come to realise that I have to do this now. I have been working toward it but due to other commitments have not had the time to fully explore my options in terms of a career in writing. I have to take that plunge to make it happen. I have two months to figure out my options, promote myself and build a client base. Continue reading