Book Review: Wars to End All Wars (Authors of SFF World)

This is the second volume I have reviewed for SFFWorld courtesy of blog buddy NE White. The first was a mixed bag of End of the World stories. This, if you have not already figured out, concerns the First World War, arguably the most brutal war in history until that point. Here in the UK, we mark Remebrance Day on the 11th November as the anniversary of the end of the war and though it is used to commemorate all of our war dead, it reminds us especially of the great sacrifice made between 1915 and 1918. Continue reading

Snippet Sunday 9/2/14

Roman Baths in the city of Bath – my novel is set primarily in Rome

One of the more colourful characters from my current work in progress is the playboy Valens. Rather likeable, but somebody who desperately wants people to like him, he has a reputation as a heartbreaker and these days he might be given labels of “love rat” and “marriage wrecker”. Deep down he is just a boy who hasn’t grown up yet. This is an encounter he has in a bathhouse when a betrayed Patrician husband finds him. Continue reading