Book Review: The God Particle by Daniel Danser

Delving back into my pile of indie-reviewed work after not reading much for the last month or so, I decided to kick off the coming spring season with this interesting-sounding conspiracy thriller based on some very topical events. The author contacted me through in January offering up this intriguing premise: what if the LHC at Cern had caused the Fukushima Earthquake? What if switching it on has been responsible for a number of “natural” disasters in the last few years? Continue reading “Book Review: The God Particle by Daniel Danser”


Book Review: Better Off Dead by Matthew Rowe

Imagine a far-flung future London (Londinium) where humans are as rare as Inuits are today in the same city. Imagine one where Supernaturals are the norm – vampires (which thankfully do not sparkle), werewolves, zombies etc. Imagine a quasi medieval city with fire-breathing dragons and you have a good idea of the background to the story. It has an element of Pratchett about it (and even a few very well appreciated Pratchett in-jokes) and the speed of humour on a par with Robert Rankin – high praise indeed from me. Continue reading “Book Review: Better Off Dead by Matthew Rowe”

Book Review: Aetna Adrift by Erik Wecks

This is a stand alone kind of prequel novel for an upcoming series of books set in a universe known as “Pax Imperium”. It is a universe where government and megacorporations are one and the same (this corporate government is called The Unity and it is based primarily on the US government). This novel though is set purely on one planet in this universe – the titular Aetna. Continue reading “Book Review: Aetna Adrift by Erik Wecks”