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Book Review: First Aide Medicine by Nicholaus Patnaude

One of the best things about being an indieview reviewer is that you get requests for all sorts of stuff, the sort of things you might not ordinarily consider picking up. This one and the one I am about to read, might both qualify in that category. This is a short novella, around 17,000 words, but bulked out with a lot of illustrations. There’s no harm in trying something a little different. Continue reading

Book Review: Redeemer’s Oath by John Burkhart

This next indieview commission is (I think) the first fantasy I have been approached to read. Having given up on a couple before this I was really hoping to like this one. So what is the verdict? Well… Typhin is distraught. Having lost his wife to a nasty plague, it seems that his only child too is at death’s door. What is he to do? Enter a mysterious priest known as The Blessed. In his desperation, Typhin turns to The Blessed to save his daughter. All is well you might think. Unfortunately not. Continue reading

Third story complete – ebook

I said that A New Age Exodus would be a tougher nut to crack and it was. You may remember I said that I had mercilessly (read stupidly) hacked between 600-1000 words off of this when I wrote it about ten years ago. I felt that it was too long at 8000 words and wanted to limit it to 7500 words or fewer.

In the process of that, I cut out what – looking back – was the best part of the story. Kirsten’s revelation and the public reading of the journal. I apologise for those of you that do not know what I’m talking about. There are a handful of people who read this blog that followed my work on Elfwood and as it is no longer up, I cannot draw your attention to the story. Continue reading