A “No” From Unbound

After six weeks of anxious waiting, I’ve had a “thanks, but no thanks” email from Unbound. The brief email explained that it wasn’t their sort of thing. Fair comment, but it would have been good to get a little more feedback than that. Onwards and upwards though. Salmonweird will see the light of day. Continue reading “A “No” From Unbound”


The Explosive Opening to “Dead Lock” (Dead Heat Follow Up)

Just a few days have passed since I completed the first draft of Salmonweird. But the muse has definitely taken resident in my brain for a few weeks. I don’t think she will be going anywhere for the time being. On Sunday, I spent some time finally working on Dead Lock, my companion piece for horror-comedy Dead Heat. Continue reading “The Explosive Opening to “Dead Lock” (Dead Heat Follow Up)”

Tax Exempt – but Here, Jump Through These Flaming Hoops To Get It

Today, I have mostly spent my day trying to sort out my tax exempt status for Smashwords where I recently put up Dead Heat. The UK is one of those countries to have a tax treaty with the USA – meaning self-published authors like myself can apply for tax exempt status from our American cousins and claim all of the cut from our sales. Hurrah!
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Book Review: Far Side of the Rubicon by Erik Wecks

I can’t believe it has taken me a year to read this seeing as the writer once described me as “one of his favourite review bloggers” or words to that effect. I’ve read four of his works to date, and I was very keen to read this, part one of a trilogy set in the same universe as his first book Aetna Adrift and following on in a roundabout sort of way, from the previous book. Continue reading “Book Review: Far Side of the Rubicon by Erik Wecks”

Dead Heat Zom-Com Hard Copies – OUT NOW!

I’m very pleased to announce to you today that my zom-com Dead Heat is now available as hard copy editions.

Corporate team building days can be fun and when three friends: Jim, Mike and Tony are told this year’s event would be the Dead Heat zombie race, where they would be chased by aspiring actors of mixed talent pretending to be zombies, they thought it would be worth it for a day out of the office.

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Compiling The Mirror Story “Dead Lock”

Dead Heat has now been out for a couple of days (hurrah!) and if you haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for? I discussed some time ago that I had an idea for a mirror story and after jotting down some ideas since submitting the final draft, I’ve knocked up an extended blurb and a preliminary cover.
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