I Have a Pinterst Board

I have decided to open a Pinterest board. A few of my subscribers and blogs to which I subscribe already use it to promote their work. What I need right now is traffic in order to get people reading and hopefully, buying my ebook when it is released. I don’t seem to be getting the hits from StumbleUpon and web hits, though improving since the name change, could be better.

My Facebook page is doing well and I thank those of you who have already “liked” it. For those who haven’t, I have already posted a couple of exclusives. I am still waiting for my first stranger to like it (so far only subscribers and personal friends have signed up). I hope it will take off soon.
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“Like” Spamming

I am getting a little fed up with receiving lots of likes on posts. Great, I enjoy good feedback like any other blogger and I appreciate that you appreciate what I write. However, there seems to be a growing trend on WordPress for “Like” spammers. That is, people who trawl hundreds of blogs in a day liking every post that they see yet never post a single comment. These people are not engaging with the content or using the feature in the spirit in which it is intended. It seems that the majority are not actually reading the posts they are liking.

How have I worked this out? Firstly, several times in the last few months I have acquired several “likes” on posts that have (at the time) registered zero hits. Secondly, I turned off “likes” on 2012 and all that several months ago yet I still get them. It is clear what is going on here. Using the reader (which shows only the first 50 or so words of the post) these bloggers are scrolling through a subscribed topic and hitting “like” on everything. Thirdly, I am seeing the same gravatar icons appearing on a wide range of blogs covering a multitude of subjects and in each case, they have not commented. So as of today, I have turned this feature off on this blog. Continue reading

Site of the Week: 2Do Next Books

I know this site is similar to Good Reads but if you’re not impressed with how that website works, this one might be more what you are looking for. A smaller site than Good Reads so you might find it more cosy to build online relationships with people. It also feels a lot more interactive as it is for readers to recommend books to others as well as profession reviews you can post your own and get recommendations back based on your own ratings and reviews. Continue reading

Jonathan Franzen is at it again

Jonathan Franzen is out of his box again and this time the target of his wrath is Twitter. Though I agree with his sentiment that social media can really take over people’s lives, I think that once again he has proven himself out of touch with technology and the necessity for writers to use sites such as Twitter to promote themselves and their work.
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