Episode Review & Analysis – The Time of The Doctor


Ah, ah ah… spoilers

An unimportant planet is sending out a signal that nobody can translate and it attracts practically every race we’ve seen in the Whoniverse. On board one of those orbiting ships, he is holding the eye of a Dalek and demanding that the species identify itself. But it is a Dalek ship! He escapes and in the next scene he is chastising a Cyberman head who defends himself with a “you didn’t specify where”. This head he has affectionately called “Handles”.
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Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS – Episode Review & Analysis


Ah, ah, ah… spoilers

We’re on board a the USS Nostromo a salvage ship floatin in quite a pretty part of space. On board are three individuals displaying all the scifi cliches of a messy workspace, family photographs pinned in prominent places and wearing boiler suits and vests. ALERT – INCOMING SALVAGE. The trio discuss the alert and it is revealed that one of their number is an android. Oh dear, I hope he doesn’t malfunction a la Ash. Continue reading

Hide – Episode Review & Analysis


Ah, Ah, Ah… Spoilers

It is a dark and stormy night (a cliche already, hmmm). A young woman and Dougray Scott are setting up some equipment in a large and forbidding house. Thankfully no sign of Yvette Fielding or Derek Acorah just yet and this couple turn out to be far less annoying. Anyway… her ethereal style marks her immediately as a psychic and his glasses mark him as the generic “scientist”. He fiddles around with some equipment. Oooh, it is the 1970s. In the likeness of Most Haunted they try to communicate with “the spirit that occupies this place”. There’s some interference and we see a ghostly image proceeding down the corridor.

A ghostly knock at the door, Crooked House style… but it is The Doctor and Clara who introduce themselves as The Ghostbusters. Continue reading

Cold War – Episode Review & Analysis


Ah, Ah, Ah… Spoilers

A The Day After Tomorrowesque intro sequence tells us that we are at the North Pole and it is 1983. It’s Alex Drake, she was shot and that bullet sent her back to Doctor Who. Is she dead? Or in a coma? Err, sorry, right year wrong series. So it is 1983 and we are aboard a Russian nuclear submarine who speak with very convincing English accents. They are about to fire nuclear missiles when David Warner interrupts with a rather poor rendition of Ultravox’s Vienna (now you see why I got confused with Ashes to Ashes?). David Warner saves the world again, huzzah! Well not really, it was a drill. A shame Doctor Who got cancelled at the end of the 1980s, I think he would have made a good Doctor. Continue reading

The Angels Take Manhattan – episode review & analysis

(…or Farewell to the Ponds)


Ah, ah, ah spoilers: Episode summary

It is 1930s Noo Yoik and a Gumshoe is called to take the case of a man who wants to talk about statues that he claims can move when you’re not looking at them. Amused, he takes the job anyway and promptly makes his way to an apartment block, the address given to him by his client. Cue lots of ominous shots of stone statues, including one of an angel covering its eyes outside the apartment block. Inside, the Gumshoe finds the building deserted except for strange stone angels that appear to follow him around. He enters one of the rooms in this apartment and discovers… himself as an old man. Then he is trapped by the angels in the corridor, escapes to the roof only to be confronted by the largest stone angel ever… Continue reading

The Power of Three – episode review & analysis


Ah, ah, ah… SPOILERS: Episode Summary

At the episode start, Amy and Rory are summarising their two very different lives and deciding that they have to choose. This leads into “the time The Doctor came to stay”. Following the credits, Rory’s dad turns up to show the pair the weirdest phenomena – small black, flawless cubes everywhere. All over the planet these bizarre cubes are appearing and the newsclips show a selection of talking heads, including celebrity Astronomer Brian Cox. Continue reading