What is Three-way Moneyline Bet in Soccer Gambling?

What is Three-way Moneyline Bet in Soccer Gambling? What are the advantages over other types of betting?

When you make a money line bet, you are betting on the straight winner of the match without considering it. There are still favorites and underdogs, but instead of being handicapped or helped by the starting head. The competitors are given a chance to win the match or event.

The negative number shows the favorite. And the odds show how much money you have to bet to win $ 100. The positive number shows the underdog. And the odds show how much money you will win with a $ 100 bet. The more uneven the contest, the bigger the number will be. you see.

Moneyline Rules in Soccer Gambling

Moneyline bets in football have three results. You can choose one of the teams to win, or you can choose a draw; If you don’t pick a draw and the game goes into extra time, you will lose the bet. The following is an explanation of the Three-way Moneyline type bet. In soccer gambling and its advantages over other types of bets.

Three-way Moneyline Bet

Three-way Moneyline Bet is a common thing for the very nature of football. As each match can often end in three different ways. You will always have three different sides you can bet on.

You can bet on the favorites to win, the underdogs to win. Or for the match to end in a draw. A three-way moneyline bet is almost the same as a money line bet. Except overtime and shoot-out time are not included.

So basically, you bet one team to win, the other team to win, or bet on a draw. The idea behind this bet is to give you better odds on the favorite team in each game. But also to make the bet heavier because you lose automatically if the match goes into extra time.

It also has good payouts if you can hit a bet like a tie. Here’s an example of a 3-line line, using the money line example above.


So, let’s play with numbers a little bit, and let’s imagine the following scenario:

Chelsea +125

Figure +200

Arsenal +175

Here, the authors think the game is more likely to end in a draw. And neither team is seeded to win the match. Which side you choose will depend on the research you do. And of course the “gut feelings” we have before placing the bet.


What you should always consider, in a Three-way Moneyline betting situation. Is that you can always make a two-sided bet on both teams to win. And for the match to end in a draw. Let’s look at the first example again:

Chelsea -175

Figure +250

Arsenal +400

If you want to bet on Chelsea but want to hedge against losing the bet if there is a draw. You can bet $ 175 to win $ 100 if they win. And bet $ 100 to win $ 250 if there is a draw.

If the match ends in a draw, you bet $ 275 and make a profit of $ 75. If the match ends in a Chelsea win, you bet $ 275 and it’s even. As long as Arsenal don’t win, you’re guaranteed the worst of pressure.


Even if numbers are the ‘core’ bet, there are also several factors. To consider / research when making a three-way outcome bet. Therefore, before you hit the ‘bet’ button, make sure you know:

1. Who is the home team and how did they perform at home

2. How the visitors performed in their away matches

3. If one of the teams is in a bad position or streak

4. If there is a key player injured in each team

5. How important is the match for both teams (for example. The underdog must win the match to make the playoffs while the favorite has won a place)

6. How has the season schedule affected both teams. (Are both teams well-rested or in the midst of a long journey? Have any of them recently played a challenging match abroad?)

If you evaluate and research all of these factors and apply them. To which side you will bet on, then you will likely increase the money you have. Remember, preparation equals success in sports betting.

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Steps to Win Playing Over Under in SBOBET Soccer Gambling

The most played by some online soccer gamblers. And still, win on Over and Under bets (O/U Total Goals Shaped). Because you can get goals between the 2 teams that will compete from the Home or Away faction. According to several sources we have successfully cited the goals. That took place in the 1st to 10th minutes and in the 25th to 45th minutes. On average in the first set and in the 2nd set -45 to 60th and 75th to 90th minute.

For those of you who really enjoy placing bets on online soccer betting on Sbobet. Try to place on the odds “More than successful players scored in the first set” As we already know. The odds will remain from hour to minute, so you always have to be ready to be alert. And continue to pay attention to the bets you are working on.

In the following we will provide a little description of our review above for you:

1. Bet on over the odds given “0.5”:

  • Bazil B
  • China D2
  • Chile D1
  • Croatia D1
  • Czech D1
  • Denmark D2
  • Estonia D1
  • Ireland D2
  • Malta D1
  • Mexico D1
  • Norway D1 & D2
  • Poland D1 & D2
  • Paraguay D1
  • Slovakia D1
  • Sweden D1 & D2
  • Switzerland D2

In the league that is preferred over Over Under in the first set is 0.75 and 1.25. In the 15th to 25th minutes because the odds will change right now to 0.5. So you have to wait for the odds to be 0.5 then you place your bet on SBobet or Maxbet.

2. Bets on the odds given value “1”:

  • Norwegian Division 2
  • Iceland D1 & D2

In a match that will run like the example above in the first set is calculated at 1.25. And 1.75 above the Odds Undervalue is so big you try to immediately. Bet on more than when it reaches 15-20 as it will likely become 1. (Chances are you have to move first so “1” then you can place a bet)

3. Bets on the odds given are “1.5”:

  • Brazil A
  • Austria D1 & D2

NB: You must apply bets on the matches that we have given above. If one match has formed 1 goal between the 0-15 minutes. Therefore, you bet online when the odds have become “1.5”. Easily believe, here you can better understand the installation of online soccer gambling.

Guide to winning online betting balls over under

  • If you are in EMOTION, don’t try to order a ball online just because it will interfere with your concentration
  • Place a bet on the club that you have targeted from the first
  • Keep watching the games/matches that you will follow
  • When the match you want to do occurs before you take it, it is taken to look for another match
  • Bet/Place your bet on the Odds value which has turned blue or the Minus is slightly less
  • We really recommend that if you want to apply this trick. Use it on your computer/laptop, don’t use your cell phone.