Professional Work Portfolio

This is where you will find links to my professional (credited) work.

Environmental Science Writing

Since 2014, I have written for the amazing environmental science jobs and education resource site Although my background is in archaeology and the client has allowed me to explore this along with environmental sciences that overlap the modern discipline, I’ve also learnt a great deal about subjects that have very little to do with my formal qualifications. I am forever grateful to have ever had the opportunity to write for this site and will continue to strive to produce high quality content. Here is a tiny selection.

Introduction to Renewable Energy

Big Data and its uses to Environmental Science

Dating Methods and the Sciences that Use Them

All About Ecology: Relationships Between Living Things

Other Credited Works

The Importance of Soft Skills to Businesses piece at Irish Times Training

Beware of Fake PPE, article at H&S Consultants Systems 4 Safety

The Stone Circle of Avebury, the mysterious stone circle and the village’s reputed ghosts