Business Blogs, Landing Pages, White Paper Guides, and Proofreading

I’ve been a professional web content writer since April 2013. In that time I’ve worked for a variety of clients in many industries, producing different types of content:

  • B2B and B2C professional blog posts
  • Landing pages
  • Informative advice articles and “How To” pieces
  • Long form guides
  • SEO-tuned news articles for the web
  • Newsletters and other internal corporate media

And much more. I’ve written for recruiters, retailers, construction, third party IT support businesses, Salesforce providers, social media marketers, fractional CMOs, and other freelancers. There are few subjects I have not covered and even fewer that I would feel uncomfortable writing about.

Some Credited Works on the Web

Environmental Science Writing

Since 2014, I have written for the amazing environmental science jobs and education resource site environmentalscience.org as the site’s primary writer and since approximately 2017, as the only writer.

Introduction to Renewable Energy

Big Data and its uses to Environmental Science

All About Ecology: Relationships Between Living Things

Other Credited Works

The Importance of Soft Skills to Businesses piece at Irish Times Training

AI Developments Predicted for Freelancers in 2019 at Underpinned.

Environmental Science Careers for STEM Graduates at NEEF USA

Beware of Fake PPE, article at H&S Consultants Systems 4 Safety

The Stone Circle of Avebury, the mysterious stone circle and the village’s reputed ghosts

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